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RDBG American Idol *Ennobled (10603576)

American Idol **ENNOBLED**(10603576) is the sire of the
2016 National Champion buck TST1 Windy Acres
Square Power!  And, just look at his pedigree!  Sired by the
great Windy Acres Strategic Power over the 2012 National
Champion Doe RDBG Izzy **ENNOBLED.**

13 out of 14 are ENNOBLED in his pedigree!

Big tops, big butts, big correct hips, and an over-all attractive look.
All things Idol can add to your program!

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American Idol as a Junior


RRD S889 *Ennobled
EGGSpensive Powerplay T451 *Ennobled EGGSpensive Mistress *Ennobled
Sire: TST1 Windy Acres Strategic Power *Ennobled RRD R898 Cannon *Ennobled
TST1 V11 *Ennobled CNR P147 *Ennobled
C S B Ruger Reloaded *Ennobled
C S B Broken S Smokin' Hot Ruger *Ennobled RRD Smokin Hot *Ennobled
RDBG Izzy *Ennobled RDBG Integrity *Ennobled
RDBG Serendipity *Ennobled 3H OLF Serenity


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Full brother to the late AABG 2DOX STREET CRED (10592916) 

In 4 shows he accumulated 69 points

He is not nearly as pretty as he was when he placed 2nd
in the 3-6
  month class of 37 at 2013 ABGA Nationals. 
The other 3 shows he was Overall Grand every time!

He is in his working clothes.


    TH V6232
  2DOX Royal Flush *Ennobled 2DOX Confection
Sire: AABG As Good As It Gets *Ennobled   SWE Main Event *Ennobled
  2DOX Main Squeeze FSE 3208 NAMA
    TLB P233 *Ennobled
  SWE Main Event *Ennobled PBL 4B504
Dam: 2DOX AABG To Gale With Love *Ennobled   RRD Ruger T308 *Ennobled
  2DOX Sugar Time *Ennobled 2DOX Bingo Star *Ennobled


He has 109 ABGA points.

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Here are two of his doe kids - Click for larger view


    EGGStra Dimension Y372 *Ennobled
  SGG Next Dimension *Ennobled SGG Big Star
Sire: Ward's Next Big Deal   Ward's Cat In The Hat X111 *Ennobled
  Ward's Queen of Sheba Z311 *Ennobled Fern Hollow Farm Sheba *Ennobled
    10B2B RRD Long Range *Ennobled
  Show Me Boers RRD Red Legged Bandit *Ennobled Show Me Boers Red, White, and Beautiful  *Ennobled
Dam: CR Boers Jazmin   2DOX Righteous *Ennobled
  POHF Princess POHF Christabelle

AABG NBD DEACON (10733235)


    HMB W238
  HBS Absolute *Ennobled HBS Schafer Farm's W37 Lady Piebald
Sire: AABG NBD Grey Goose *Ennobled   PDF Z012 Full Proof *Ennobled
  AABG NBD Stand Out AABG She's A Keeper
    AABG NBD Face the Facts *Ennobled
  AABG NBD Matter of Fact AABG NBD High Definition
Dam: AABG NBD Serphina   HBS Absolute *Ennobled
  AABG NBD Golden Goose Ship Another Story *Ennobled

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